Fred Martin Superstore Water Monitoring System
Location: 3195 Barber Rd. Barberton Oh. 44203    Wolf Creek: 41°02'18.69"N 81°36'25.70"W

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This page will allow you to export the raw data collected off the distance sensor.

The data needs to reference the creek/river dynamics on how it is being measured and referenced to come up with a creek height.
The data being exported is the actual distance from the sensors physical housing to a flat surface. All values are in mm. To convert millimeters to inches the following formula is being used:
feet = (distance_to_surface_in_mm / 25.4) / 12

In our case, the sensor is positioned 3816mm above the creek shore line (this we will call our floor). This is estimated/measured to be around 957Ft above sea level.

To come up with a data plot using a example from our output data would be as follows:
1024, 2015-06-01, 23:12:00, 3094

feet risen = ( (3816(distance_to_surface) - 3094) / 25.4) / 12
water level above sea level = feet risen + 957(the floor at sea_level)

Make note: Distance measured values of 9999 is when the sensor does not see a surface or the surface is to far away. In our case the sensor is not seeing a flat surface. Distance measured values of 500 is when a object is to close. Technicaly this should not be seen in the data, unless data collection was left on during testing or maintenance.

Design and Programming by Victor T. DeCristoforo