Fred Martin Superstore Water Monitoring System
Location: 3195 Barber Rd. Barberton Oh. 44203    Wolf Creek: 41°02'18.69"N 81°36'25.70"W

Today's Date: Thursday, Jul 18, 2024

Last Level: 0.02 / 957.08Ft : 16:24:11 07/18
Max: 6.05 / 963.11Ft : 12:52:11 07/17
Min: 0.01 / 957.07Ft : 03:35:12 07/17
Past 24 - 48 Hrs

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Last Reading: 2024-07-18 16:25:14

Ambient Temp: 96.24°F
RPi CPU Temp: 125.46°F


Wolf Creek locate behind Fred Martin Superstore at the address of 3195 Barber Rd. Barberton Oh. is known to have high rising water during heavy storms. This high rising water has caused problems in the past. This site was created to monitor the rising water level and to send alert notifications when the level exceeds a certain level.


Readings are based off the top of a HRXL-MaxSonar model MB7386 to the surface of the water. So the distance to the surface of the water is measured and the depth of the water is estimated. Water height is estimated from measured and precalculated values as to where the water height would be normally in dry conditions.
So if we have a distance measurement of lets say 12.52ft from the top of the sensor to the water surface in dry conditions (This is what was measured). This would be considered 0 water height. If we then read distances of lets say around 7.52ft, then we can say the water level rose 5ft. As the measured distance goes down or gets closer the water height would be rising.
Approximately 150 distance samples are taken every minute. These samples are then filtered and averaged to come up with a height for every minute. This is then added to a sql database for trending reports and notifications.

The data represented here is 5 minutes behind the live data.

When the temperature drops below 20°F no water data will be recorded. Below this temperature the results may be inaccurate.
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Raw level values for 07/18/24
mm/DD HH:MM:SS mm Feet SeaLevel
Distance to Surface: 3816mm
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Design and Programming by Victor T. DeCristoforo